WP Rocket Vs W3Speedster Vs NitroPack Vs WP Fastest Cache – What’s The Best Solution for Your WordPress?

WP Rocket Vs W3Speedster Vs NitroPack Vs WP Fastest Cache – What’s The Best Solution for Your WordPress?
Features W3Speedster WP Rocket NitroPack WP Fastest Cache
Minify and combine CSS
Generate Critical CSS and defer CSS
Minify and Combine JavaScript
Render Blocking JavaScript
Defer JavaScript completely
Image Optimization
Support CDN
Convert Images into WebP
Lazy Load Images, iframe, audio, video
Browser Caching
GZIP Compression
Affordable Prices
Instant Support
Easy User Interface
Quick Optimization
Likelihood of Website Crash
Prices $40/year $49/year $94.50/year $50/license


W3speedster is a complete package of WordPress speed optimization services. Full-stack features of W3speedster can help you do the quick solution of page speed and performance issues. Users believe that W3speedster has given them the best performance improvement results whether it is advanced image optimization, generating critical CSS, or leveraging browser cache.

The plugin is specifically designed to improve the speed of the WordPress website.

Accuracy, Affordability, and Instant Support are the main pillars of the plugin and the reason behind its huge success.

In the fondness of minimalism, its easy user interface gives peace to a frustrating mind within a few clicks.

The automated system of W3speedster lets users free from the stress of solving their easiest to the most complicated WordPress speed issues.

The best thing users find about this WordPress speed optimization plugin is the fast optimization in the fastest possible time. It is quick and accurate in targets.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is an excellent caching plugin but it has its own limitations when it comes to speed optimization. The plugin does not have many image optimization features which have a key role in making wordpress faster.

WebP image formats are best considered for keeping high picture quality in smaller sizes. Unfortunately, you’ll not find any feature to convert your jpeg/png image formats to WebP in WP Rocket.

WP Rocket is also affordable in cost but hired plan needs to be renewed once a year.


NitroPack is another all-in-one wordpress performance optimization plugin to help you make site speed better. It has quite similar features as w3speedster such as optimizing images, CSS/JS, integrating CDN, caching, etc.

However, when it comes to an affordable solution, NitroPack turns out to be very expensive to spend your pocket upon. The prices of the plugin are higher enough to give a second thought before choosing.

Ease of use place major importance for newbies who needs an easy user interface to work with without stressing them out. NitroPack will not give you much freedom when considering its tricky configurations. Even more, there will be a high risk of breaking your website on advanced optimization settings.

In this fast-pacing world, the plugin also loses points due to the lack of quick optimization. And, usually takes a considerable amount of time in processing or optimize WordPress performance.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is a decent caching plugin for wordpress users but doesn’t offer assured results as far as WordPress Speed and performance are concerned.

There are a lot of key features missing in the free version of the plugin such as CDN integration, lazy loading, image optimization, WebP support, and much more that are required for premium level wordpress speed optimization.

You can buy WP Fastest Cache premium to get all these features but might be slow to optimize wordpress.

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