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(Flexible to use, Easily fits your budget, & High Tech performance)

This module is recommended by Drupal professionals across the world to fix slow & lagging Drupal Websites


W3Speedster Drupal Module is an highly effective and impressive revelation in Drupal Website Performance Optimization. Our team of experienced developers and technicians have invested their 10 years of solid knowledge and hard-earned skills in performance optimization to develop and present you with an intelligent Drupal module, call it a One-Stop-Solution for speeding up your site and seamlessly boost your Drupal site performance.

Although the Drupal module by W3Speedster is not a decade old module but because of its customer need oriented buildup and high tech performance this module has already started to become an experts choice and that is why it is observing a continuous growth in its weekly subscriptions, especially this module is being subscribed by the experts and web professionals across the highly competitive Drupal industry.

What makes W3Speedster Drupal Module better than other Modules?

Create Critical CSS

Critical CSS is one of the means by which you can resolve the “Eliminate render-blocking resources” error alongside reducing unused CSS error.

Defer JavaScript

In above-the-fold content the W3Speedster module assists in eliminating render-blocking JavaScript, you even have the liberty to defer attribute or to choose scripts to add an async.

Create WebP Images

As per Google the WebP image compression is 26% more compact than PNGs of similar quality and between 25% to 34% compact than JPGs format of similar quality.

Custom Functionality

The W3Speedster Drupal Module boosts the current functionality of your website and enables the users to add more new features to their sites in a pocket friendly and quite efficient way.

Features of our Module

  • Quick Setup
  • CDN Integration
  • Fix Web Vital Issues
  • Optimize images
  • Lazy Loading
  • Automatically create server scaled images
  • WebP Support
  • Preload Critical CSS
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Defer JavaScript
  • Serve scaled images
  • Avoid CSS
  • Exclusions
  • Google Fonts Optimization

W3Speedster Drupal Module to fix your site and make it reach its highest potential!

Do you know that more than 57% of users on your website will switch to your substitute (competitor’s site) within no time if your site loads too slow or takes more than 3 seconds to load but don’t worry because our eCommerce dedicated Drupal optimization Module doesn’t let this happen to your website. In fact our Drupal module helps you boost the performance of your website, help improve your online conversion rate, and therefore boost your online revenue.


W3Speedster Drupal Module to help the Freelancers & Agencies!

Remember, simply building a visually impressive site does not help you achieve your goal. Google demands your site to load fast as well as perform above average as per its algorithm to put your site on the top pages on the SERP. Our Drupal module does that highly skilled job for your site so that your valuable time & focus is reserved to invest in improving your product & services.

W3Speedster Drupal Module to do justice with your Blogging website

Even though your content is highly reader friendly and made up with the best research work, that damn site bounce rate just ruins your dedicated work and does not let your content grow. Well, here is where you need our Drupal Module, due to our Module’s Blogger oriented optimizations, our Drupal Module can help your blogs and site content, our module can push your performance higher and keep your visitors glued to your website. If you think that your site deserves a fair amount of good audience then W3Speedster’s Drupal module is the answer, it not just comprehends needs but also thrive to help you get what your site deserves with its incredible optimization work.


Drupal Experts Recommend
W3Speedster Module For Smart Optimization Results.

But Why Do Drupal Store Owners Need Web Performance Optimization?

It is no hidden fact that lightning fast sites have a far better user retention rate, customer loyalty and high satisfaction, an optimized site helps the site owner in providing a classic user experience to their customers and that even makes the website perform better in the top SERP in accordance with the new Core Web Vitals Update by Google.


How To Speed up Drupal Websites?

Our developers start every project by advising the client to upgrade their website first to the latest Drupal version then as per the site requirement, developers might recommended to Setup a CDN or the client may request the developers to set it up, then comes the Optimization of CSS & Javascript, later comes the Configuration of site’s Memcached, solely depending on the current performance of the present theme, our developers may advise to upgrade to a better website theme then enable the site’s Varnish Cache, and lastly, depending upon the website need the developers may recommend to Optimize Site Server & System Requirements. That being said, still there could arise many other things that the developers may do or request the site owner to do in order to optimize the website depending upon the site’s individual requirements.

What Do We Deliver & Do To Optimize Your Drupal Site?

The team of developers at W3Speedster are highly qualified as per the highest industry norms out there, our developers take up every single project as a priority task and thrive to deliver the project with the committed page speed scores & results within 2 to 3 working days. The developers perform several tasks (Go to Module Features section) in order to fix your site and after the optimization, the website not only crosses 90+ scores on mobile & desktop but also witnesses no break in design and functionality. Our developers make sure that your site has a loading time of less than 3 seconds on GPSI and ‘A Grade’ on GTMetrix.


How Does Our Drupal Speed Optimization Module Work?

W3Speedster offers a highly advanced Drupal Module, the module performs several tasks to optimize your website and boost its performance in entirety. Few of the main tasks that the module does include Optimize the fonts & images, Defer JavaScript, Preload & Minify CSS, Lazy Load, CDN Integration, and optimize the issues in the Core Web Vitals of your site, etc. The Module performs many other tasks excluding the few that are mentioned above. Go to the “Module Feature” section to understand more about the tasks performed by W3Speedster Module.


We usually take 2 to 3 working days to optimize a site, depending upon the individual client and site need the time may vary.

Yes, we can definitely speed it up and make your page load in less than 3 seconds but depending on certain factors, including your current package & server specifications,this statement might vary.

Yes, our developers are highly skilled and can easily fix all the versions of the Magento

Google Pagespeed Insights, GT-Metrix, and Pingdom.

Yes the page speed will be less than 3 seconds for all the pages on your site but in the rarest of the rare sites, the load time on a certain page may vary due to the certain needs of the website.


Simplified Pricing for page speed optimization

Sole Optimizer
One year of support and updates for 1 website.
Triple Booster
One year of support and updates for 3 websites.
Multi Achiever - Developer Plan
One year of support and updates for 25 websites.